Director & Co-Founder, Adam Gold

Adam Gold is a Social Studies teacher in New Jersey and an advocate for global education. Adam serves on multile nonprofit boards and directs a summer leadership program at the University of Pennsylvania. After nearly a decade of running the Invisible Issues program, Adam is excited to finally bring this exciting opportunity to more students through the Invisible Issues organization.

Coordinator & Co-Founder, Micah Gartenberg

Micah Gartenberg currently studies political science at Rutgers University. He was first introduced to the invisble issues project while working as a teaching assistant at JKCP. After mentoring two groups, one of which recieved a $1000 grant to turn their organization into a reality, Micah was inspired to bring this project to a larger base of students. 

Board Member, Adrian Castelli

Adrian is the founder and owner of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. Adrian enjoys connecting with people from around the world. He’s also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. 

Board Member, Julian Krinsky

Julian Krinsky is the creator of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. He continues to serve as founder & owner of the company and plays an active role on the JKCP campuses throughout the summer. Julian is passionate about inspiring young people through groundbreaking programming. 

Board Member, Steve Robertson

Steve serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs. Originally from South Africa, Steve loves working with our international populations of students and staff as well as developing new programs. 

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